Getting Started with DataX

Creating a TACC user account

Visit the "Request a TACC Portal Account" page on the TACC User Portal (TUP):

Read through the information on this page. When you're done, click on the link at the bottom of the page "Continue to Create an Account."

Then, read TACC's Acceptable Use Policy. Agree to the Policy by clicking "I agree to the TACC Acceptable Use Policy."

Enter all required fields in the registration form. If you are a member of the University of Texas (UT) System, include your UT EID. You should also indicate your Principle Investigator (PI) eligibility.

Eligible (check the box):

  • Faculty
  • Professional research staff
  • Postdoctoral researchers

Ineligible (do not check the box):

  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students

After submitting this form, you'll receive an email asking to verify your email address.

Your TACC user account request—including your PI eligibility—will be reviewed by the User Services team within one business day. Once your request is reviewed and accepted, you can activate your account by logging in to the TACC User Portal.

Setting up Multifactor Authentication

As an additional security precaution, TACC resources require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In order to take full advantage of the DataX Portal, you will need to have MFA configured on your TACC user account.

Visit the MFA tutorial page for instructions:

When asked to “Select Pairing Method”, please use the “TACC Token app” on your phone.

Requesting access to DataX

Before you can be given access to the DataX Portal, you must have an active TACC user account.

Once you have your account, please email us with your TACC username and information about your PT2050 research project affiliation.

Logging in for the first time

Your username and password for DataX will be the same as your TACC user account.

Log in at:

Setting up your storage

Note: You will need to have Multifactor Authentication (MFA) configured on your TACC user. When asked to “Select Pairing Method”, please use the “TACC Token app” on your phone. Visit the MFA tutorial page for instructions: